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Profile: UW Badger Basketball


Profile: UW Badger Basketball

The Kohl Center, which opened in 1998, is home to the UW men's basketball team.

Photo by Jeff Miller, UW-Madison University Communications

Game Day Basics:

The University of Wisconsin Badgers play their home college basketball games at the Kohl Center. Single-game tickets cost $24-$30, depending upon the opponent and seat location. Order tickets at www.UWBadgers.com or 800-GO-BADGERS.

Frugal fans park along nearby streets or in public parking ramps. No UW shuttle service runs between parking areas and the Kohl Center, but various bars and restaurants offer this service. These include Lucky's Bar and Grille and the Coliseum Bar.

The cost is $15 to park in the closest game-designated lots, which are at UW Health (Regent and Park streets), Madison Medical Center (at Regent and Brooks) and UW parking lots 51(at Mills and Spring), 29 (Park and Dayton entrances, near Regent), 7 (on Brooks, between University and Johnson) and 46 (on Frances, near Johnson).

2012 Game Schedule:

Head coach Bo Ryan's next Big Ten season begins Jan. 3 at home against Penn State. Here is the rest of the schedule: 19 of the 32 games are played at the Kohl Center, and these are marked with an asterisk.

  • Nov. 7: UW-Oshkosh*
  • Nov. 11: Southeastern Louisiana*
  • Nov. 14: Florida
  • Nov. 18: Cornell*
  • Nov. 20: Presbyterian*
  • Nov. 23: Creighton
  • Nov. 24: Arkansas
  • Nov. 28: Virginia*
  • Dec. 2: California*
  • Dec. 4: Nebraska-Omaha*
  • Dec. 8: Marquette
  • Dec. 12: UW-Green Bay*
  • Dec. 22: UW-Milwaukee*
  • Dec. 29: Samford*
  • Jan. 3: Penn State*
  • Jan. 6: Nebraska
  • Jan. 12: Illinois*
  • Jan. 15: Indiana
  • Jan. 19: Iowa
  • Jan. 22: Michigan State*
  • Jan. 26: Minnesota*
  • Jan. 29: Ohio State
  • Feb. 3: Illinois
  • Feb. 6: Iowa*
  • Feb. 9: Michigan*
  • Feb. 14: Minnesota
  • Feb. 17: Ohio State*
  • Feb. 20: Northwestern
  • Feb. 26: Nebraska*
  • March 2 or 3: Purdue*
  • March 7: Michigan State
  • March 10: Penn State

Team Highlights:

The UW Badgers were NCAA national champs in 1941, under the coaching of Harold “Bud” Foster, an All American who played for the school as a center in 1929 and 1930. He coached from 1934-59, and his championship squad defeated Washington State, 39-34, for the 1941 title.

Under Bo Ryan's leadership, which began in 2001, the Badgers have earned five Big Ten titles and spots in 11 NCAA tournaments, during which they advanced to five Sweet 16s and one Elite Eight.

The team reached the Final Four in 1999, with Dick Bennett as coach, and lost 53-41 to Michigan State, which ended the season as national champ.

Explore the Arena:

Arrive early to shop for Badger apparel, collectibles and other merchandise at Bucky's Locker Room, inside Gate B at the Kohl Center. Lower-level concourses, near the front entrance, contain display cases that showcase accomplishments of the university's finest athletes and teams.

Hanging 18 feet above ground in the Kohl Center's foyer is “The Mendota Wall,” a series of richly colored glass sculptures by globally known artist Dale Chihuly, a former UW student. Outdoors, one dozen light towers, each 17 feet tall, slowly change hues after sunset; the sculptures are the works of art professors Steve Feren and Gail Simpson.

The arena seats a maximum of 17,230 for men's basketball games. For excellent people watching, circle the building on foot indoors at halftime or before the game begins. Within the sea of red are outlandish outfits sported by The Grateful Red (student section) and long-devoted alumni.

The 1,000 Pointers:

As of 2012, the UW had 37 team alums who scored at least 1,000 points during their years as Badger basketball players. At the top is Alando Tucker, an All-American and Big Ten Player of the Year in 2007. The first-round draft pick of the Phoenix Suns finished his college career with 2,217 points and an average of 16.5 points per game.

Michael Finley is next, with 2,147 points scored as a Badger by 1995. He also was a Phoenix Suns first-round draft pick and was part of the San Antonio Spurs team that won the NBA championship in 2007.

Others scoring at least 1,000 points and their years of play at the UW are Danny Jones, 1,854 points, 1986-90; Claude Gregory, 1,745 points, 1977-81; Rick Olson, 1,736 points 1982-86; Trent Jackson, 1,545 points, 1985-89; Jordan Taylor, 1,533 points, 2008-12; Mike Wilkinson, 1,532 points, 2001-05; Kirk Penney, 1454 points, 1999-2003; Devin Harris, 1,425 points, 2001-04; Clarence Sherrod, 1408 points; 1968-71; Cory Blackwell, 1,405 points, 1981-84; Jon Leuer, 1,376 points, 2007-11; Trevon Hughes, 1,339 points; 2006-10; Sean Mason, 1,294 points, 1994-99; Tracy Webster, 1,264 points, 1991-95; Wes Matthews, 1,251 points, 1977-80; Kammron Taylor, 1,223 points, 2003-07; Joe Franklin, 1,215 points, 1965-68.

Also, Dale Koehler, 1,200 points, 1972-76; Dick Cable, 1,180 points, 1951-55; Joe Chrnelich, 1,171 points, 1976-80; Jason Bohannon, 1,170 points, 2006-10; Don Rehfeldt, 1,169 points, 1944-50; Leon Howard, 1,165 points, 1970-73; Scott Roth, 1,156 points, 1981-85; James Johnson, 1,147 points, 1966-69; Brian Butch, 1,115 points, 2004-08; Marcus Landry, 1,114 points, 2005-09; Ken Siebel, 1084 points, 1960-63; Tim Locum, 1077 points, 1987-91; Larry Petty, 1,066 points, 1977-81; Mark Vershaw, 1,066 points, 1997-2001; Chuck Nagle, 1064 points, 1967-71; Sean Daughtery, 1,057 points, 1994-98; J.J. Weber, 1,021 points, 1983-87; and Willie Simms, 1,015 points, 1987-91.

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